The first modern city plan consisted of a triangle defined by the Acropolis, the ancient cemetery of Kerameikos and the new palace of the Bavarian king , so as to highlight the continuity between modern and ancient Athens. Morocco will reopen to international travelers on June 15 and Algeria is also starting to reopen air travel. In the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi will end mandatory quarantine for international travelers on July 1. That’s the same day Phuket will be reopening over in Thailand. California is poised for its grand reopening of business on June 15, with masks becoming optional in many public settings — although restrictions vary between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

  • You will wish to check out the area in all Greek islands or mainland places by the sea.
  • Most visitors from the United States will not be allowed to enter Sweden.
  • One of the coolest facts about Greece’s natural history is that birds from all over will travel to Greece in the winter.
  • A local priest flings a crucifix into the sea and young men dive into the cold water to retrieve it.
  • Athens is also well-served by airlines from all over Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Southeast Asia, with flights to their respective hubs.

Whether you plan to drive in the cities informative post or in the countryside, getting an up-to-date GPS system is a good idea — ask your rental car provider about the availability of one. On Rhodes, soak in the atmosphere at Melenos Lindos, a 17th-century building with a pebbled mosaic roof deck offering sea views, set into the hill just under the Acropolis. On Astypalaia, the island’s breathtaking Chora is both the inspiration for, and the location of, Pylaia Hotel, which has a pool, spa, and ocean views from the Plori restaurant at its peak.

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The restaurant serves shared plates so you can taste a lot of different ones. For one of my all time favorite sunsets in the Cyclades, it has to be at the Prophet Elias Church near the port town of Kamares. Artemonas is without a doubt one of the cutest Cycladic towns I saw during my entire trip through the Cyclades. It’s absolutely beautiful yet unpretentious with its perfectly manicured white houses, cobblestone steps, and flawless bougainvillea trees. As the town is built on a hill, there are some serious stairs that you can use to ascend the town with churches, houses, and panoramic views all along the way. I’m very sad I didn’t have my DSLR with me as the photo possibilities here would be endless.

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As a foreign driver, there will be an assumption that you are the cause of any accident, so take care not to have a single drink if you are planning to drive. Note that in Greece if a driver flashes his headlights at you, it is NOT an invitation to you to proceed, as it is in many countries, but a warning that he is going ahead. In more remote areas petrol stations may be few and far between, so try to keep your tank full or check where there are petrol stations. In smaller towns and villages stations will be family enterprises, so may close on a Sunday, or you may find yourself being served by a young boy or girl who speaks no English and looks too young for the job. Lots of the smaller stations don’t accept credit cards, so be sure always to have some cash with you.

On the other hand, Athens’ horrendous traffic can make crossing the street in many areas a hair-raising proposition, and even walking down many major streets can be an unpleasant experience of noise and pollution. Cars and motorbikes parked blocking the sidewalks can also make a stroll difficult. Fortunately, much of the traffic-plagued area of the city can be avoided by judicious use of the new Metro, which goes most places a visitor would want to see or to walk around in. Riding a bicycle in Athens in the main streets, has become lately some sort of a political (counter-)action, especially by young people with an alternative lifestyle. In general, tourists not familiar with the terrible Athenian traffic are not advised to use a bicycle as a principal means of transport.

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Many cars have a standard shift; if you must have an automatic, make sure in advance that one is available . In high season you are strongly advised to make your reservation before leaving home and well in advance. Always ask if the quoted price includes insurance; many credit cards make the collision-damage waiver unnecessary, but you will find that most rental agencies automatically include this in their rates. You can sometimes save by booking at home before you leave; this is especially advisable in summer. If you are shopping around, let the agents see the number of competitors’ brochures you’re carrying. Book as far ahead of time as possible , reconfirm your booking before leaving for the airport, and arrive at the airport at least an hour before departure; the scene at a check-in counter can be quite hectic.

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When it comes to restaurants and hotels, budget options are few and far between. In the summer months, temperatures are highest around 30 degrees or so during the day and dropping to 24 or so at night. I spent all of July and August traveling around the Cyclades and it was only cloudy or rained one day. Budget travelers in Croatia without a car who’d like to travel between the larger cities won’t find a better Croatia public transport option than taking the bus. The bus network in Croatia is reasonably good, with connections between cities prolific. You can zoom through Croatia on a bus from Zagreb to Split, from Zadar to Plitvice Lakes National Park, from Rijeka to Dubrovnik.