Therefore, when you do a full ROM curl starting with your arms fully extended in the bottom position, you are limited to a weight that you can perform through the weakest portion of the ROM. This limits the amount of stress that you can place on the biceps, and can limit your biceps growth. The major muscle in your shoulders is your deltoid, which features three separate heads.

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  • A lot of guys hit the bicep curls hard in the hopes of sculpting their bicep to look like a round softball beneath their skin.
  • The EZ curl bar is a quick and easy fix, but the problem with that is there’s less muscle building stress placed on the long head of the biceps because the hand is now slightly pronated.
  • A superset involves performing two different exercises back to back.
  • Think overhead pulling exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, and close-grip pulldowns.
  • While these exercises shouldn’t be criticized for being pointless, they should be criticized for often being done poorly.
  • I will throw in some biceps curls, hammers and slow close grip pull ups every now and then, but after a decent back workout your biceps should be burning.

Utilizing a pronated grip , the brachioradialis of the forearm is targeted. The exercise involves placing the upper arm onto an angled bench which entirely isolates the biceps by preventing the upper arms from moving. The seated variation of the barbell curl removes the bottom portion of the lift and entirely focuses on the upper portion. Therefore, it is clear that incorporating bicep-orientated exercises like the barbell curl into your training is key for building strength and reducing the risk of sustaining an injury. Furthermore, working the biceps through exercises like the barbell curl can have a consequent impact on strength, power, general fitness, and aesthetics.

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In addition to that, this exercise can also build muscle mass. The standing dumbbell curl is the most basic and effective exercise with dumbbells. It allows you to train each arm at a time and focus.

Bicep Curls Exercise How To

You can select either a straight bar or E-Z curl bar based on your comfort. If you are short on time and lower chest workout at home want to kill two birds with one stone, this is a good choice for your biceps and forearms. A bicep curl can be performed without weights, dumbbells, a barbell or a resistance band. Start while either seated or standing with your back straight and stomach muscles tightened.

Standing Ez

Perform the EZ bar curl just as you would a standard barbell curl. Without leaning back or swinging the dumbbells to get momentum, bend at the elbow to curl the weights up to eye level. (Remember to work that top part of the bicep!) Keep your elbows fixed to the sides of your torso throughout the curl. Stand at the side of the rack with your hands facing down and this will be your starting position. This is a unilateral movement where you can focus on each part of your biceps separately. This is a great barbell variation of concentration curls.

Focus Less On Reps, More On Form

While this modified drag curl targets the outside head of the biceps, as a beginner, you want to be targeting the inside AND outside heads of your biceps. So your best bet is to do a standing barbell curl and hit both heads at the same time and focus on overloading. If you do the seated version, you skip that whole phase of trying to get the bar into the proper position to do the curl to target that outside head. Again though, this isn’t something to do as a MAIN movement. The reverse barbell curl is a great exercise that targets the upper forearms and biceps. Although the biceps are heavily involoved, they are considered a secondary muscle group for this particular exercise.

Straight Bar Standing Biceps Curl

One is a specialized piece of equipment suited for specific tasks. The other can be adapted and used in many other ways. I only use EZ for reverse curls , because my gym only has EZ bars on the pyramid rack.

The arms, in general, also respond excellently to high-rep training, which may simply be because you’re performing more volume with high reps. My biceps only really started to grow when I added curls to my chin-up routine. Really goes to show that we need to adjust our approach depending on our individual results, in this case making sure to include isolation lifts for the biceps. To be clear, chin-ups are quite challenging for our biceps.